January 31, 2012

An introduction

    Hi there. This post is only here to serve as an introduction for people who may stumble upon my blog sometime down the line and ask themselves "who the fuck is this exactly and what's he on about?" so if you already know who I am (and let's be fair; if you're reading this you probably do), you can safely skip this post. If one of my coworkers or friends were malicious enough to link you here, though, read on. 

    My name's Matt Daniel, and I write for Massively.com and my official job title is "contributing editor," which pretty succinctly explains what I do, I guess. But this is my personal blog, so anything I say here is in no way backed officially by Massively or AOL or any of those things. I'm on my own here. 

    What I plan to do with this blog, honestly, I haven't really decided yet. But other Massively folk have personal blogs, and they seem to (mostly) have their shit together, so I'm following suit. I figure this will just serve as a place to write on whatever thoughts pop into my mind, though they will generally be on the topics of gaming, writing, LGBTQ issues, and generally nerdy shit. I'll try to stay away from politics and religion, but I make no promises. Also I curse liberally and unapologetically, and nothing is sacred. Now that that's out of the way, I'm going to stop writing because I have nothing left to say.